Saturday, 25 February 2012

Aamir zips Anil’s Mouth

Although the main success of Slumdog Millionaire goes to director Danny Boyle, musician A R Rahman and stars Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto, Anil Kapoor is also trying to hog some lime light inspite of not giving a worthy to mention performance.
The actor now a days is bragging about how he bagged the role which was rejected by SRK and at a recent award fucntion Anil said, “Thanks to Shah Rukh’s rejection, I got the role.”
Then he also commented that Aamir should also start saying no to roles so that he might lay his hands on them too.
Aamir who won the Indian Entertainer of the Year award, replied to the comment in his usual witty way, “I barely get to do one film in a year, so there is no question of saying no!”
The witty reply made Anil squirm in embarrassment.

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