Saturday, 25 February 2012

Shahrukh to Name His Dog Aamir ?

Shahrukh+KhanThe cold vibes between Aamir and SRK have been witnessed by many since many years and both of them keep on cracking comments and jokes at each other whenever they get a chance.
Aamir received wrath of many when he called his dog Shahrukh on his blog, however SRK kept mum during the whole episode, but now he is back with revenge as he is joked that he wants to name his dog Aamir.
SRK said, “Gauri gets upset when I crack jokes about naming my dog Aamir. She thinks why should I bring myself down by doing or saying such things? I understand that she doesn’t want me to lose my dignity, but sometimes I think it is absolutely necessary as people ask for it.”
He goes on to explain, “Aamir had said it was a joke that his dog was named after me… and I said if it was a matter of [a] sense of humor, then my joke would have been that I also wanted to name my pets after Aamir, but my pets vehemently refused. My wife said people don’t understand your jokes, so please refrain from doing so… though I felt it was quite funny but I didn’t say it at that time. Nobody said anything about stooping low, etc. Stooping low would be a height joke.”
SRK also expressed his views on Aamir being against of SRK being number one, “I will confront Aamir and ask him why he said such a thing. I accept a lot of things, but I think this is not funny. When I say I am number one, I definitely don’t mean it in arrogance. I say it with a sense of humor and a sense of humility. But I guess it will take a lot for Aamir to understand that.”
Well that’s SRK at his wittiest best against Aamir, and now lets wait for Aamir’s witty comments.

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