Saturday, 25 February 2012

Most Powerful Man in Bollywood - Aamir Khan

aamirAamir Khan has been anointed the most powerful man in Bollywood by a film magazine poll.

But he has claimed that he is not interested in power.

He adds, “Power is how one uses it. I can be very powerful but if I can't use it for any good or can't contribute to the industry then I am actually powerless.

I would like to use my power by working with new directors, giving new actors to the industry and making experimental films.”

Aamir is also flexing his muscles in another direction.

He has retaliated to SRK’s recent comments against him in the media.

“I remember him (Shah Rukh) saying that he was joking about calling himself No 1. I find it very funny as I have never seen anyone proclaiming themselves as No 1.

Not Sachin Tendulkar, Not Lata Mangeshkar, not Vishwanathan Anand. I am saying all this in a light vein too.

But Shah Rukh’s sense of humour suddenly disappears when it comes to me.”

Aamir also mentioned that the recent spate of bad luck at the box office seems to have make Shah Rukh an embittered man.

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